RDRTF - troisième rapport

3rd Communication Report of R. Vanholder, Chairman of ISN Renal Disaster Relief Task Force (RDRTF)
22 January 2010

The first team of the ISN Renal Disaster Relief Task Force (RDRTF) arrived in Haiti via the Dominican Republic (DR) on January 16-17 and consisted of a nephrologist (R. Caluwé, Belgium), two renal nurses (S. Claus and S. Maddens, Belgium) and one dialysis technician (P. Stockman, Belgium). Their main tasks were the assessment of the local conditions, the installment of a functional dialysis unit (if possible) and the screening for Acute Kidney Injury (AKI).

Although it appeared soon that it was likely that some victims would have crush syndrome, the conditions to get everything started were extremely difficult: complete chaos, lack of existing infrastructure, lack of communication possibilities, and logistic problems to get material on the spot. Contacts with the coordination center were and still are scanty, and only by satellite phone and email (the latter being time consuming, especially for the volunteers on the spot who have lots of work).

Our team found an intact dialysis unit (3 machines) at the


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